¡Walang Hiya! (Unashamed)

Contact improvisation and body politics festival in the Philippines

1 – 5 February, Makati, Metro Manila

Teachers: Daniel Mang (Sweden), Ea Torrado (Philippines) and Sze-Wei Chan (Singapore)

Brought to you by: Daloy Dance Company, Metro Manila, Philippines


Project description

Walang hiya – In Tagalog, “shameless” or “immoral”. There are so many taboos and judgements around our bodies and the politics they carry. Let’s take the leap to talk and dance about tough questions. Let’s be unashamed. Walang hiya hiya.

Our bodies are physical, but also social constructions. They carry relationships, norms, values, habits and questions. We offer a space where we can speak about bodies, be and move in our bodies, and start thinking about the politics of bodies.

We will use contact improvisation and somatic movement practices, bodywork and verbal exchanges to explore issues of identity and belonging, body image, beauty and objectification, privilege and power. We will work with our relation to gravity and the physical contact between movers. We will learn about modulating tone, tuning our reflexes, waking up our sense of balance and sharing weight. We will explore touch and movement as relational practices: bonding and bounding, consent and collaboration, safer spaces and negotiation will be some of our themes.

We will ask questions about the axes of oppression and privilege that traverse us and make us what we are. We hope to discover ways of undoing, unlearning, some of the internalised social norms, habits and ways of being that structure our physicality and affective life.

All levels of experience and all kinds of bodies are welcome.


About the teachers

Daniel Mang

Contact improvisation has been Daniel’s primary movement practice since 1986. He also does aikido and is strongly influenced by the Feldenkrais method, Body Mind Centering and ideokinesis. He has been teaching contact improvisation since 1990 – mostly in Europe, but also in South East Asia and Australia. His pedagogy is informed by his background as a professional bodyworker, his studies in physiotherapy and osteopathy, his experience with communication tools such as co-counselling, and by his politics. Daniel sees his interest in radical social theory and his love of contact improvisation as two aspects of the same desire. He is based in Sweden.

Ea Torrado

Ea Torrado is an independent contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Manila and the artistic director of Daloy Dance Company. She has toured extensively in the Philippines and abroad and worked with many Filipino and international dance teachers, mentors and choreographers. For more information on her large and varied body of choreographic and dance work, see www.daloydc.wordpress.com.

Sze-Wei Chan

Sze first started sharing weight when she was three, with all sorts of furniture. Today she is an improviser, creator, performer and contact dancer. She has shown her work and performed with dance and theatre productions in Singapore and internationally. Since 2012 she has facilitated and taught contact improvisation in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Sweden. Her approaches to movement are influenced by contact improvisation, yoga, martial arts, Body-Mind Centering and the Radical Contact movement. She co-organised the Contact Festival Kuala Lumpur from 2012 to 2014 and currently facilitates the Independent Dance Southeast Asia and Contact Improv Southeast Asia networks. www.oddpuppies.com


Wednesday 1 February 19:00 – 21:30 – Class: Contact Improvisation, Personal Boundaries and Consent – Taught by: Daniel Mang & Sze-Wei Chan

Thursday 2 February 19:00 – 21:30 – Class: Contact Improvisation Fundamentals – Taught by: Daniel Mang & Ea Torrado

Friday 3 February 19:00 – 21:30 – Class: Exploring Body Image & Identity through Movement – Taught by: Daniel Mang, Ea Torrado & Sze-Wei Chan

Saturday 4 February 13:00 – 17:00 – Weekend Workshop Part 1 – Taught by: Daniel Mang, Ea Torrado & Sze-Wei Chan

Sunday 5 February 13:00 – 17:00 – Weekend Workshop Part 2 – Taught by: Daniel Mang, Ea Torrado & Sze-Wei Chan


3000 PHP for the whole event – 2000 PHP for the weekend workshop only – 700 PHP for one evening class

We much prefer it when people sign up for the whole event, but it’s also possible to come to only one, two or three of the evening classes, or only to the weekend workshop.


Please write a few words about what interests you about this event and why you would like to participate. It doesn’t have to be long, it can be in Filipino or English and any style is welcome. Send your application to walanghiya@riseup.net as soon as possible.